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 Transformations (SKILLS)

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PostSubject: Transformations (SKILLS)   Sat May 22, 2010 10:21 pm

Divine Warrior

- Attacking enemy using hurricane force, can critical, power 2904
- Attacking enemy at range using sword force, can critical, power 2323
- Attack surrounding enemies (earthquake), ignores shield defense, can critical, power 2323
- For a short duration greatly increase your own attack strength, effect 2
- Poison an enemy with a poison needle, power 1689, effect 3
- Sacrifice your own life to increase party's attack power

Divine Knight

- Hate, power 6752
- Hate Aura, power 6752
- Attack target while rushing at target, stuns target, can overhit, power 1162
- Attack surrounding enemies, stuns enemies, ignores shield deffense, can overhit, power 775
- Greatly increase your pdef, mdef and resistance to buff cancelling attacks, cannot move while in effect, effect 2
- Swing your axe to hit enemies in front of you, power 2322
- (... dosent much sense here... but i'm guessing it's a rush attack), power 1900
- Sacrifice your life, boosts party's defenses (pdef and mdef probably)

Divine Rouge
Divine rouge is a combination of archer and dagger, hence you get skills for both weapons, but the skills are also limited by weapon-type...

- When attacking enemy has chance of removing buffs (not sure..) and stunning target, can only be used with a bow, can overhit, power 2323
- Shoot two arrows simultaneously, lethal strike is possible, can overhit, power 6195
- bleed shot, can overhit, power 1549, effect 3
- strong attack, can instant kill, can only be used with dagger equipped, power 6969
- for a short duration increase your evasion
- Attack enemies behind you, power 2111
- Sacrifice your life, increases party's evasion

Divine Healer

- Heal target's HP overtime, power 946
- Instantly recover target's HP, power 826
- Heals party's HP and increase HP regeneration, power 400, effect 5
- Resurrection, recovers 70% of target's experience lost
- Removes debuffs from target
- Sacrifice your life, recovers HP and MP of all party members (not yours obviously)

Divine Wizard (nuker)

- Aura Flare, during PVP your matk will decrease, power 102
- Sacred magic attack, can overhit, power 128
- AoE sacred attack, power 64
- AoE sleep, while slept target's resistance to sleep increases (doesn't say it won't land at all)
- Increase dark resistance, decrease holy resistance, effect 3
- Sacrifice your life, recovers (wtf they left out what it recovers but i'm guessing mp) of party members

Divine Enchanter

- PoWater, consumes 5 spiritore
- PoFire, consumes 5 spiritore
- PoWind, consumes 5 spiritore
- Target CoV (not party buff), consumes 5 spiritore
- AoE Root, if target rooted already it has no effect
- Sacrifice your left, increases all abilities of party

Divine Summoner

- Summon sacred beast, summoning consumes 2 A Crystals, consumes 1 extra A crystal each time it usually consumes crystals
- Transfer pain, continuously consumes MP
- Final Servitor (CoV for summon), consumes 20 spirit ore
- Servitor Heal, power 991
- Sacrifice your life, increases party's critical rate
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Transformations (SKILLS)
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