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 No more mercy

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PostSubject: No more mercy   Fri Feb 04, 2011 11:22 pm

1 ) Char name, classes and level =Pho3nixR3born ,Pal/Glady,80
2 ) Previous clans (All of them.)=Hyuga no sys 8Balls,Kcity,DarkForces
3 ) What equipment do you have Tall*Dle
+4 ,IC set +2003 Tatessian set
4 ) Names, classes and clans of all your other subbed chars Nqmam
5 ) Noblesse (yes or no) Ne zasega
6 ) Who are your friends in Hyuga Az Poznavam mn hora no malko poznavat men Nai ve4e Dimkov
7 ) Why do you want to join us Mn sum 4uval za vas i samo hubavi ne6ta
8 ) Where are you from Bulgaria,Burgas
9 ) How old are you 16
10) English level: (Exellent , Good , Low) GooD
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PostSubject: lol   Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:51 pm

sry ne ni trqbvat takiva noobove. iskame archeri/dageristi i nai veche suporti. ne chetesh li be lamer?
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PostSubject: Re: No more mercy   Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:36 pm

Здравей приятел! Както може би си се досетил, в по-горният пост не ти е отговорил нашият уважаван лидер, а някакъв нещастник, който може би се сърди на целият свят, че не го е дооценил! Ще бъдеш добре дошъл в клана, просто ме пм мен, мормот или ники в игра и ще те приемем! Успех ти желая и приятна игра в клана!
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PostSubject: Re: No more mercy   

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No more mercy
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