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PostSubject: MOUSE BUTTONS CONFIGURATION   Mon Dec 26, 2011 2:22 pm

Hello Smile

I buyed a mouse yesterday with 5 buttons with the idea to use the extra buttons on the mouse in L2 Smile

So normaly in windows options u cant configure ur extra mouse buttons and u need extra software.

Here is one good that i use :


A little configuration info :

After u install that very cute program u will see something like that:

So if u want to make one of ur mouse buttons to simmulate a button from ur keyboard u must do this :

And watch the specifics when u define a key. For example if u want to simulate with the 5th button on ur mouse, F7 u shold make it {F7} with the F and 5 letter from ur keyboard.
Also to identify witch key u are configurateing u can press that key and u will see how it will light up on the program.
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